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Old Gaol
The Old Gaol building is unique. It was built in 1748 and  is one of the oldest purpose-built prisons in the UK. It stands in the Market  Place in the ancient market town of Buckingham. The 1839 cells, with their  double doors and peep-holes, still remain, one recreated with the Gaoler and his  prisoner still there. Visitors can enter the cell and experience the lonely  blackness as the door closes behind them, and listen to the Gaoler telling the  story of the Gaol in the Buckingshire accent. Old Gaol

Today the building is a museum of the history of the town, displaying  mammoth tusks found nearby, a pre-Roman tankard, a Viking spearhead, Bucks  lacemaking tools and many other fascinating objects, including some unusual  historical figures. A recent Heritage Lottery award has meant the provision of a  glass roof over the Exercise Yard, creating a large warm area for temporary  exhibitions, or museum events where theres always something new and  interesting.

An Education Centre provides activities for children and  hands-on materials for families and teachers on school visits. There is a  Tourist Information Centre in front of the Gaol, where the Gaoler and his family  once lived, and a well-stocked shop with local souvenirs, toys and books.

The Museum is open 10 to 4, Monday to Saturday. There is free parking  nearby.

Telephone - 01280 823020
Website - MK Heritage