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Wycombe Museum

Priory Avenue, High  Wycombe. Tel: 01494 421895. Open All Year Mon - Sun. Admission Free. The Museum  contains a world famous collection of chairs, interactive displays on the  history of the area and 1920's kitchen reconstruction. The Exhibition Gallery  changes monthly. The Museum is housed in an attractive 18th century flint and  brick house and set in pretty landscaped gardens (great for picnics!). Close to  the town centre.

Wycombe Local History and Chair Museum has new and exciting hands- on  activities with revamped displays that opened in 1999. It is a great place to  discover the fascinating and varied history of the District - and of course the  renowned collection of Windsor chairs.

Come and discover the local history of Wycombe District, and especially the  nationally important furniture industry. This includes regional chairs from the  Thames Valley and other Wycombe-made furniture, such as Ercol and G-Plan, up to  the present day. There are children's activities, Buckinghamshire lace, and  changing exhibitions. You can even find out about the bodgers who lived and  worked in the Chiltern woods.

Set in peaceful grounds, this delightful 18th century house has a fully  accessible ground floor and toilet, together with a gift shop and picnic  areas.